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If someone becomes ill or is injured abroad, the number one priority is to get initial treatment and then fly them home quickly and safely. Our international repatriation service is designed for anyone unable to return home on a standard flight.

At this worrying time, our professional and experienced team will ensure that the fastest and most efficient mode of transport will be deployed. You can have peace of mind that fully-qualified medical staff will be on hand to look after all patient requirements. And you can be confident that the aircraft will have all the relevant, advanced medical equipment needed on board.

Who uses our repatriation services?

We provide our air ambulance repatriation services for uninsured private individuals, insurance companies, the travel industry, embassies and consulates, and hospitals.

Bringing you home safely

Our services can include:

  • Ground transfers
  • Door-to-door service
  • 24-hour rapid response
  • From any destination to any destination

Private air ambulance or scheduled flight?

In some case we may be able to provide our medical services on a scheduled flight. If not, we’ll organise the best private air ambulance to meet your needs.

How much will air ambulance repatriation cost?

The cost of the flight will depend on the type of air ambulance required, the number of medical staff needed and the number of miles to be travelled.

Air ambulance services that give you peace of mind

Our specialised approach to international repatriation means you can rest assured that all patients receive excellent clinical care. Whether they are being returned home or being transferred to another hospital for continuing care, we’ll take care of all the fine details.

  • All flights are staffed with qualified doctors or nurses
  • Advanced medical equipment is available on board
  • We have all the relevant liability and malpractice insurance cover for your reassurance

Find out more about our repatriation service. Call us on 0800 0052 999 or get in touch