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Advanced Care Team

Some events or situations demand the highly trained expertise of an advanced care team. These teams are made up of senior level doctors and paramedics. Their skills and know-how, combined with our advanced critical care equipment, effectively brings the hospital directly to you. That means the highest level of care is available as quickly as possible.

Who is on an advanced care team?

All advanced care teams are tailored to your specific requirements. Teams commonly include a senior doctor/consultant and a senior/critical care paramedic. All our professional staff are fully qualified. And they undertake regular training to ensure they can respond to every situation quickly and confidently.

What can an advanced care team do?

The advanced care team can treat everything from minor ailments to serious accidents. They have the experience and capability to undertake more advanced treatments including:

  • Blood gas analysis
  • More complex resuscitation techniques, such as Thoracotomy
  • Advanced drug therapy such as sedation and administering anaesthetic

Specialist technology

Our specialist advanced care team combines their detailed medical knowledge with state-of-the-art medical equipment to deliver exceptional levels of first-response care. For example, our teams use the portable Tempus Pro for advanced vital signs monitoring.

How do I know if I need an advanced care team?

If you’re not sure what level of medical staffing you need, we will help you. We’ll undertake a full risk assessment and identify exactly what level of medical cover you need. If you’re running an event, this means we’ll ensure you comply with all relevant regulations. And we’ll also liaise with your local NHS ambulance service and hospital too, so you can rest assured everything is covered.

Extra peace of mind

We have all the relevant liability and malpractice insurance cover for your reassurance
Our team uses a digital reporting system to ensure records are accurate in case they need to be scrutinised for any legal claims after the event

We have an on call senior management team in the event you require out of office contact.

Find out more about our advanced care team services. Call us on 0800 0052 999 or get in touch.