At SCOPE we offer two different testing methods, both carried out by registered healthcare professionals, ensuring that the samples taken are both safe and effective preventing the false negatives caused by ineffective sample taking.

The PCR Test -Current Infection

This is a swab test of the nose and throat that detects CoVID-19 (SARS-CoV-19). This is able to detect the virus in people that are also asymptomatic, allowing those that test positive to go into isolation and keep the remaining workforce protected.

The Antibody/IgG Test – Past Exposure

The gold standard and currently only method approved by Public Health England (PHE) to detect and measure whether there are antibodies to Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2). The test has 100% sensitivity if 14 days or more after the first symptoms of Covid-19.

Rapid Antigen test – Results in 15 minutes

A trained clinician will take a swab of the nose and results are delivered after 15 minutes, without the need to send samples off to a laboratory.

The test detects fragments of viral proteins; it has been shown to have a specificity of 99.8% and a sensitivity of 91.4% (94.1% for samples with CT values ≤33). It has an overall sensitivity and specificity agreement with RT-PCR results of 97.9%.

As a Doctor lead company, we strive to ensure that the highest standards are maintained. Sample collection is always performed by our trained and registered healthcare professionals (HCP’s), by having registered professionals take samples it negates the risk of inaccurate swabbing, not taking samples in the correct manner can result in false negative results which can be a risk to your other staff and customers and thus your business itself.

Our tests have been utilised by businesses to help re-enforce safe working conditions, reducing the likelihood of a CoVID-19 outbreak. By testing a large sample of the workforce within 24-48 hours employers are able to provide staff and customers assurances that all safety measures have been performed to promote a safe working environment.

The PCR – Test

A PCR test looks for the presence of the RNA of the virus itself. This means that it will pick up the presence of the actual virus in the nose and throat.

The test is 100% accurate as long as the appropriate areas are swabbed. Not all will show symptoms of Covid-19, however this will detect those preventing widespread infection of the workplace.

The test is more expensive than a blood test as it requires more technical expertise and equipment than the antibody test.

Results are emailed and text directly back to the sample donor within 24-48 hours (samples that are taken after 1700 will be delayed due to postal services, courier is available but at an additional cost)

Antibody Test

The results of this test will tell you whether or not you have the antibodies in your blood to CoVID-19. If they are present then you have been infected with the virus in the past, not all have had any symptoms of CoVID-19.

If antibodies are not present in your blood it does not necessarily mean you have not had COVID-19, it has not been confirmed how long the antibodies last for in the human body, and not everyone undergoes the same immune response. Many factors need to be taken into account such as how unwell the individual was with the virus to how much antibody the individual has and how long it will last.

Results are emailed and text directly back to the sample donor within 24-48 hours (samples that are taken after 1700 will be delayed due to postal services, courier is available but at an additional cost)

A Rapid Antigen is ideal for but not limited to workplaces, film sets and educational facilities where people need to be in close contact and so it is important to regularly check whether anyone is potentially going to spread the virus onto others.

With the samples taken by healthcare professionals and results available in 15 minutes, it is possible to quickly identify those who are likely to be infectious, isolating them and breaking the chain of transmission, keeping those who are vulnerable, safe and businesses/operations functioning smoothly.

We are able to set up a testing hub at your location and our trained clinical staff can coordinate all testing and administration, taking the strain away from you.

We are routinely testing:
  • University Staff and Students
  • Medical teams
  • Hotel staff
  • Personal security teams
  • Production and Event staff
  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5

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Results return 24 - 48 hours

How to Book

We appreciate the need for urgency and are able in most cases to arrange teams to attend the south of England the same day for testing. We are also able to cater for small numbers of individuals that require testing.

Frequently asked questions

No, we can assist with any number of employees, however for increased numbers there is a price reduction
As we only use HCP’s to collect samples we have to work out costings on a case per case scenario, but we do work from a matrix.
No. As this test does not inform a safe return to work, however employees can forward the email across.
Yes. Health data is classed as "special category" information under GDPR. The Information Commissioner's Office has provided advice on employee COVID-19 data, including communicating with employees:
There are testing kits to complete yourself however without going to the correct nasopharyngeal landmarks it can render the test as a false negative. All of our staff are registered and fully trained healthcare professionals, ensuring that the swabs are taken correctly. Bloods are required to be taken by a suitably trained professional, again our staff will ensure this is done safely, wearing the correct PPE.