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Executive Medical Cover

Our medical services for VIPs and executives are designed to make clients feel safer. Having one or more of our fully qualified medics in your entourage means any health needs will be dealt with swiftly and efficiently. Our discreet and professional team has experience working in high and low-profile situations. And they have worked in many circumstances, all over the world.

Experienced staff you can trust

All our staff are hand-picked and fully-vetted. They are fully trained professionals with a vast range of experience. And they undertake regular training to ensure they can deliver the best possible service and respond quickly and confidently in any situation.

Using innovative technology

Our specialist executive medical team combines expert skills and knowledge with the latest innovations in medical equipment to deliver the highest level of care. For example, we’ve invested in the portable Tempus Pro, for advanced vital signs monitoring out and about, not only is it powerful it is the most functional discreet medical tablet on the market.

Delivering a personal service

We take a personal approach to meet your specific executive medical cover needs. We’ll work closely with you to identify potential areas of extra risk every day. And we’ll make sure you have the staff and medical kit needed to mitigate that risk.

No compromises on safety

Whether you want one of our medics to work individually or as part of your protection team, we can tailor our VIP services to meet your specific needs.

Specialist equipment

Depending on your requirements, we can also supply a range of marked or unmarked response vehicles. These include:

  • 4x4 vehicles for off road situations
  • Water rescue teams
  • Fully equipped ambulances for critical care cover

For your peace of mind

  • We have all the relevant liability and malpractice insurance cover
  • Duty on call teams for emergencies

Get in touch

To find out more about our VIP executive medical services, call us on 0800 0052 999 or get in touch.